Our Story

Lee Eller, Co-Founder

If I managed not to eat for an entire day, I gave myself a treat.  I usually went for a chocolate chip cookie or a slice of pizza.  That would be my food for the day. And you know what, It worked! I lost 20 pounds. I became popular, I was invited to all the parties, and boys were hitting on me. I mastered my life. I was winning.  


My hair started thinning. I lost most of it on the right side of my head.  What was left was brittle and breaking. I convinced myself that it was a minor by-product of the solution to my problems. 

But it became exhausting. I was planning my next meals while feeling guilty about my last one. I was constantly thinking about food. It felt wrong showing people a 'better version' of my self when inside I knew I was not healthy. 

I apologised to my body. I recognised that it too needs love and support. I realised that weighing less on the scale was not what made me happy. It was confidence. Self love was the answer.

Gabriel Haines, Co-Founder

Despite my many flaws, hair was always a strong suit. Often times unruly, the thick black mane had been with me my entire life. I could toss and twist it ever which way and it would comply like thin copper wires. It was not going anywhere. I would look at thinning hair with an upturned nose, confident in my superiority.


Until one day I awoke to a mass of hair on my pillow. I started crying. I had recently been diagnosed with Lymphoma, cancer of lymph nodes. The hair loss that comes with the treatment had come for me.


It all became too real. Nothing is to be taken for granted, nothing is certain. Not my health, not my happiness and not my hair.


The days of sickness are now gone but the lessons remain.


A humbling reminder to be mindful, grateful and gracious to yourself and surroundings.

We appreciate the stuff that makes you authentic. We don’t believe in sacrificing beauty for sustainability.  They go hand in hand. Our mission is to bring you products that highlight your magnificence. Let Wood reintroduce you to You.